Solar Powered Water Fountains

Add a piece of DIY decor to your garden or backyard with this fountain made from an iron tea pot and an old whiskey barrel. An above-ground bubbler fountain offers soothing sounds in this tranquil Japanese garden-inspired vignette. Plants with interesting leaves such as Japanese maple, liriope, and clumping bamboo contribute authenticity. If you’re looking for simple and low maintenance, a bird bath is an easy pick. Attract tons of birds by planting seedy flowers and native species nearby.

Whether you’re looking to maintain a pond or just getting started, we’ve got a pond solution for you. Dolphin Stone Fountain is yet another contemporary aquatic design with three fishes entangled in each other showering water and creating a soothing experience to your senses. The artistic elegance of this fountain truly depicts the craftsmanship of its artisans. The statuary figures of fishes is a pattern which suits all kinds of decors coinciding with the purpose of providing exquisite range of residential or commercial garden ornamental. When you go to pick out your fountain stone, bring several gallons of water with you and pour water over your stone selections to see how it flows.

Give your garden a touch of elegance with this range of our wall fountains. These garden fountains are incredibly custom made to tailor fit the preferences of our valued clients with perfection. If traditional fountains aren’t your thing, get back to nature. This water feature for garden created with large stones mimics what you might find in the wild. Complete the naturalistic look by adding native plants around this rugged water feature.

If you’re looking for a serious standout, you’ve found it – the Fire Fountain offers a dramatic union of fire and water. It’s certain to draw attention with its unique design, and it is compact enough to fit in almost any area of the garden. The fountains listed here are of a size and weight that is fitting for use on tables, plinths, and other raised objects. In a private woodland glade, a modern “”bather”” presides over a small pool. This fountain looks fancy, but you can make it yourself using cheap items from a thrift shop. Depending on what found items you use, your fountain will have its own unique look.

This massive fountain won’t come together quickly, but it’s well worth the time and effort. Blogger Marie moved her water wall onto her deck so company could enjoy the relaxing sound of water while they chatted. This miniature fountain makes a perfect addition to a small deck and takes just 15 minutes to make with a small water pump.

All varieties need to be level and secured firmly in place, and they all utilize some type of water pump. This style of fountain has always struck me as satisfying, and the Nico Jar in Basin is a great example. It’s an attractive blend of ceramic and stone, and it really stands out in a rich, green garden. It takes up a bit more room than some of the others we’ve talked about thus far, but it’s a bold and handsome fountain worthy of the space requirements.

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