8 5 x 11 3 Part GiroForm Carbonless Paper

Giroformstands for a practical, wide range of carbonless papers in top quality. Giroform papers have good running properties, excellent copy, and exact line sharpness. Printability is superb. Giroform papers are available in white and up to five different tints in reels, sheets, and pre-collated sets. The world-renowned Giroform carbonless paper range, which is made up of standard carbonless grades as well as a wide range of speciality grades…….

Suitable for use on all common toner printing systems, b/w copiers and printing systems in the business solutions sector. In giroform DIGITAL we have developed a universal 80 gsm carbonless grade for the digital production of individual, personalised forms and documents. From computer paper to cleaning supplies to corrugated boxes,premier paper & packaging offers a variety of products. But our specialty product, a revolutionary new carbonless paper called giroform, offers the most unique benefits to your company. From computer paper to cleaning supplies to corrugated boxes, premier paper & packaging offers a variety of products.

The reverse side is coated with the same coating as the CB sheet. This sheet grade is therefore pressure sensitive and requires correct handling. CB – this sheet is the top sheet and therefore original of the form set. As a result of writing pressure, the microcapsules in the coating on the reverse side of the sheet are destroyed and the colour formers contained in them are released. Giroform CFB is a carbonless paper produced by Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe.

Once you have finished adding stocks go to MY SAMPLES and enter your details and we will send you samples and/or mock-ups of your requested stock choices. Please read this message before you proceed onto this website, the Premier Paper Group is a distributor to the UK market only and subsequently do not export any products or services outside of the UK. In 1994, founders Ed and Doug Stansberry had a vision for their industry deliver custom solutions at competitive prices, with unparalled personal service and unwavering ethics. Switching between stores will remove products from your current cart. This product is stocked in jumbo reels and converted to a selection of sizes.

For form sets with more than two sheets another sheet grade is required as a middle sheet. Giroform Ultra is a lighter grade of high performance carbonless paper that allows larger sets of copy sheets to be created. CFB – this sheet serves as the middle or intermediate sheet in the form set and is coated on the front side with an absorbent receiving coating. During writing the released colour formers are absorbed and create an immediate colour reaction on the front of the sheet.

Due to the steady rise in costs for raw materials and energy the producer of high quality communication papers Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe announces a price increase for GIROFORM carbonless paper. The price increase of 7% applies for deliveries from 1 June 2012. Our customers will be informed by our sales teams, who will provide any further information that might be required. The coating layer is composed of microcapsules that contain dissolved, colourless colour formers.

It has a superior press performance with sharp, distinctive black image impressions. The front side is coated with the same receiving coating as the CFB sheet. This sheet grade is not pressure sensitive and can be handled as normal coated paper.

Designed to meet the demands of all offset and digital printing technologies and is fully approved by HP Indigo. Giroform Fanapart Carbonless Paper Adhesive for Giroform carbonless paper to multiple sets by fan-apart…. Designed to meet the demands of all digital printing technologies. Giroform Digital has passed the Rochester Institute of Technology substrate qualification programme and is fully approved by HP Indigo. Premier Paper & Packaging is an independently-owned custom stocking distributor of fine papers, storage solutions, packaging materials and industrial cleaning products.

It is ideal for all business stationery such as invoices, order forms, invoices, delivery notes, in fact almost all form requirements can be achieved with Giroform. The next generation of carbonless paper designed to perform on a wide range of digital presses. With all the characteristics of Giroform it is perfectly suited for the production of high quality personalised carbonless forms. Available in rolls and sheets, we’re confident you’ve never found carbonless paper that performs like giroform. Measured by its durability, flatness, color quality, smudge-proof design, and micro-measurement precision, it offers a new level of carbonless quality. Giroform is the widely renowned range of high performance carbonless papers that have been the preferred choice by discerning sheet fed printers and end users for years.

Large selection of labels suitable for thermal transfer printing. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Labels & Labeling has been the global voice of the label and package printing industry since 1978. As a family-owned business, their vision continues today as industry leaders who truly partner with clients to achieve lasting success. PSD are always prompt in their responses and deliver the supplies we need quickly.

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