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Surfing is popular, particularly with tourists, thousands of whom take to the water throughout the summer months. Some towns and villages have bowling clubs, and a wide variety of British sports are played throughout Cornwall. Cornwall is also one of the few places in England where shinty is played; the English Shinty Association is based in Penryn. As in other former mining districts of Britain, male voice choirs and brass bands, such as Brass on the Grass concerts during the summer at Constantine, are still very popular in Cornwall. Cornwall Media also has around 40 brass bands, including the six-times National Champions of Great Britain, Camborne Youth Band, and the bands of Lanner and St Dennis.

Cornish clotted cream has Protected Geographical Status under EU law, and cannot be made anywhere else. As its population is comparatively small, and largely rural, Cornwall’s contribution to British national sport in the United Kingdom has been limited; the county’s greatest successes have come in fencing. In 2014, half of the men’s GB team fenced for Truro Fencing Club, and 3 Truro fencers appeared at the 2012 Olympics. The Mousehole Cat, a children’s book written by Antonia Barber and illustrated by Nicola Bayley, is set in the Cornish village Mousehole and based on the legend of Tom Bawcock and the continuing tradition of Tom Bawcock’s Eve.

As well as having some Cornish-influenced presenters, the Spotlight news team also have a news studio in Truro, which is situated inside the BBC Radio Cornwall complex. The two news teams work closely together, to ensure news coverage is thorough across the county on the Spotlight programme. Television came to Cornwall in 1956 with the opening of the new transmitter at North Hessary Tor. Construction of this transmitter began in 1955, and it gave 405 line black & white (as well as FM radio – see radio section above) coverage of television signals to many new viewers in Cornwall for the first time when it went on air in 1956.

The report, obtained by The Independent, also revealed patients with eating disorders are being refused NHS treatment for ‘not being thin enough’. You can nominate yourself, your business, or someone else that you think deserves recognition. Either nominate through our website /EDGEawards or email

According to the Tech Nation 2017 report, the sector is one of the fastest growing in Britain, contributing £170 billion to the UK’s economy. Read Chris’ latest articles here, follow him on Twitter here and join his Cornwall’s Court Insider Facebook group here. Chris also produces an exclusive weekly Cornwall Court Insider newsletter which you can get delivered direct to your inbox. In recent years, the Eden Project near St Austell has been a major financial success, drawing one in eight of Cornwall’s visitors in 2004. The council has 123 seats; the largest party is the Conservatives, with 46 seats.

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